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 FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join!

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FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join! Empty
PostSubject: FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join!   FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join! EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 11:34 pm

You are walking through a quiet forest. You don't notice teh orange she-cat watching as you try to stalk a squirrel. You jump for it but miss and land clumsily. "Nice try!" teh orange she-cat meowed. Startled you turn and spot the bright orange she-cat with sky blue eyes. "I'm Wildstar," She introduced herself. "Your on Fireclan land, but i'll let you off if you decide to join." Smile

I'll need the following info for you to join:

Screen Name:
Pelt Color:
Eye Color: (left and right can be different)
Other stuff:
(If you put a mate, kits, or siblings here, please put the information for them too.)

Leader: Wildstar (deamonsoul) firey orange she-cat with saphire blue eyes. Loves to hunt and is amazing fighter. Strong natural leader.

To be determined by Wildstar

Medecine cat: at least 2
Frostwhisker (Silverstream7) a sweet and kind snow white shecat that has patches of silver and Frosty blue eyes.

Med apprentice: 1 only

Stormstrike (Deamonsoul) a dark gray tom with black and white tabby stripes and amber eyes.

Cedarpelt (Sunworshipper) a 15 moon old calico she-cat who has green eyes adn is very kind sweet and brave.


Ivykit(Deamonsoul) a white adn gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Spiritpaw( Deamonsoul) a white she-cat with green eyes.

Elders: optional.

Be nice.
Follow the warrior code.
No cussing
a leaders word is law
if there is trouble leader must be notified imediatly.
And last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Terrritory: our terrritory is made up of Ash, oak, Rowan, and beech trees. There is a lot of undergrowth and the territorr is great for the stalking technique. There is a small steram that runs through the middle of the territory.

Camp: Our camp is a hollow surrounded by brambles and thorny bushes, making it ard for cats to invade through anywhare except throught the entrance. Which is a thorn tunnel. The leader's den is inside a small cave of a rock. The rock is called the highboulder. This is where the leader calls meetings. THe nursery is on hte left side of the highboulder, it is as far away from the entrance as possible so it is leass likely for attack. The elder's den is on the other side of the highboulder. The medecine cat's den is next to the nursery so they can go quickly in case kits are being born. The warriors den is next to the elder's den and next to the entrance, so they can be first to battle. The apprentices den is on the other side of the entrance. The feshkill pile is between the elder's and warriors den.

current season: greenleaf
# of leader's lives: 9
Prey: mouse, squirrel, birds (mainly finches and sparrows), voles,and the occational rabbit

Allies: Spiritclan

Enemies: none so far.

Mates: none so far.[i]
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FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join! Empty
PostSubject: Re: FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join!   FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join! EmptyWed Feb 02, 2011 11:01 am

Screen Name: Tuktu
Name: Hollypaw
Rank: apprentice
Age: Eight moons
Personality: Shaped toughed, quite and friendly
Pelt Color: Light gray
Markings: None
Eye Color: Green
Mate: None
Kits: None
Gender: She-cat
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FIΓΣCLΔ∏!!!!! Please join!
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