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Awesomesauce people ONLY!!!! :p JK, anyone's welcome! :)
ATTENTION ANYONE WHO IS VIEWING THESE FORUMS THAT HASN'T JOINED: Please join! We could really use some members! I'd appreciate it very much if you joined! Thank you! ~Admin
Congratulations to XsomniaX! She has been chosen as this week's, the week of 1/24/11, Member of the Week! Make sure you congratulate her! Smile
Attention everyone! Please be sure to use proper grammar while rping! Also, please keep chatspeak at a minimum! That is one of the rules here on these forums and I've noticed almost everybody breaking it. -_- Please keep in mind that it is a rule and you can be punished for breaking it.
Please welcome the newest member of the Awesomesauce Forums Family, deamonsoul! Please be sure to make her feel welcome. Smile
The following are some popular roleplays on the forums that may be really fun. Be sure to check them out: Countdown to Death... {RP} (Made by 123466y.) Found in the Humans section of Roleplaying. LostClan - Clan of the Lost Cats (Made by Zelda/Sheik.) Found in the Cats section of Roleplaying. Twilight's Kingdom (Made by Midna.) Found in the Other section of Roleplaying.
The following are other things on the forums (writing, art, games, etc.) that you may want to check out. Smile ❤️ ∂єα∂ℓу ∂єѕιяє ♡ (A writing piece by Zelda/Sheik.) Found in the Writing section of the forums.
Awesomesauce Forums!!!

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1. No cursing. Any cursing will get the whole topic deleted and the person cursing will be warned. If that person continues cursing, then they will be banned. 2. No spamming. I don't want any outside links to here. You can post links to other topics ON THESE FORUMS, but no other links. The person spamming will be warned first, but if they continue, then they will be banned. 3. No personal information. This includes first names, last names, addresses, phone numbers, IM names, e-mail addresses, passwords, schools, family names, personal websites, etc. If you give/ask for any personal information, you will be immediately banned without warning. 4. No bullying/harassing/flaming. I don't want people getting upset on these forums. The topic will be immediately deleted if that happens and the person doing it will be banned without warning. 5. On someone's rps, you must follow THEIR rules along with MY rules. If you break any of their rules, you will be warned. You'll be allowed three warnings. If you've already had three warnings, then you will be banned. If you break any of my rules, you will get ONE warning, then banned if they continue. 6. Nothing pornographic, sexual, or anything like that. It'll cause the user to be banned IMMEDIATELY. I will not tolerate this stuff. 7. Please, keep it PG or G. There may be little kids on here. If I find that it is going past PG level, I will warn you, then ban you if it continues. 8. You may post your age and your birthday, and you may make happy birthday things. 9. Do not use anything (art, photos, stories, etc.) that isn't yours. I will not tolerate it. You will be allowed several warnings before I decide that it's too much and that I must ban you. 10. Please have fun on these forums! I would like EVERYONE to have fun! :) 11. Do not report someone just for the fun of it. You can be suspended because of that. I will not hesitate to suspend you for reporting someone for no reason. If they're breaking the rules though, feel free to report them ONCE. 12. No "mates" stuff or anything like that. I want this to be a forum where you can make friends and have fun! 13. Please be respectful of other people. If the person who created a thread asks you to leave, please just leave. They have permission to report you if you don't leave. 14. Do not over-use puncuation, caps, etc. That gets annoying. You will be warned if you do this. 15. Try to use proper grammar! When rping, use "quotation marks". If you don't know how to spell something, then go ahead and spell it the way you think it's spelled. Use correct pucuation (. , ? ! etc.) 16. Try to keep chatspeak at a minimum. LOL, BRB, GTG, BBS, BBL, BBT, LAWL, OMG, and ROFL are okay, but do not use that when rping. 17. Try to remain active! If I find that you are inactive, I might suspend you for some time.