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Awesomesauce people ONLY!!!! :p JK, anyone's welcome! :)
ATTENTION ANYONE WHO IS VIEWING THESE FORUMS THAT HASN'T JOINED: Please join! We could really use some members! I'd appreciate it very much if you joined! Thank you! ~Admin
Congratulations to XsomniaX! She has been chosen as this week's, the week of 1/24/11, Member of the Week! Make sure you congratulate her! Smile
Attention everyone! Please be sure to use proper grammar while rping! Also, please keep chatspeak at a minimum! That is one of the rules here on these forums and I've noticed almost everybody breaking it. -_- Please keep in mind that it is a rule and you can be punished for breaking it.
Please welcome the newest member of the Awesomesauce Forums Family, deamonsoul! Please be sure to make her feel welcome. Smile
The following are some popular roleplays on the forums that may be really fun. Be sure to check them out: Countdown to Death... {RP} (Made by 123466y.) Found in the Humans section of Roleplaying. LostClan - Clan of the Lost Cats (Made by Zelda/Sheik.) Found in the Cats section of Roleplaying. Twilight's Kingdom (Made by Midna.) Found in the Other section of Roleplaying.
The following are other things on the forums (writing, art, games, etc.) that you may want to check out. Smile ❤️ ∂єα∂ℓу ∂єѕιяє ♡ (A writing piece by Zelda/Sheik.) Found in the Writing section of the forums.

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Midna.........I'm golthic.......And a total random blonde~!2011-01-28Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:56 am20    
Zelda/SheikI'm not the Optimistic Squid. My BFF, Rissa, is.2011-01-28Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:32 pm29 
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